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Rehabilitation Centre In Chennai / Get Directions / Give Feedback / Call Today +91-6379-133-621
Call Today +91-6379-133-621
18 Besant Road, Royapettah, Chennai - 600014
Out patients/Day care Mon - Sat 8.30 - 5.30 pm
In Patient Care - 24/7

Insights on Rehabilitation Therapies At Hamsa Rehab, Chennai

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Rehabilitation – The Frontline Warrior To Fight Covid 19

by Hamsa Content Team |June 30, 2020 |0 Comments | Medical Rehabilitaion

The good news is that patients are recovering from hospitals after being admitted due to chronic illnesses or due to COVID positive results.

What Steps Can You Take To Stay Fit?

by Hamsa Content Team |June 23, 2020 |0 Comments | Medical Rehabilitaion

As a medical rehabilitation centre in one of the busiest metropolitan cities in India, we see every day the ravages of fast living. The present lifestyle is not conducive to staying fit.

Scoliosis: An Overview of Rehabilitation and Schroth Exercises

by Hamsa Content Team |June 20, 2020 |1 Comments | Spine

Scoliosis rehabilitation is imperative to maintain the overall health and to prevent the symptoms occurring in the long term. The focus

Treatment of Scoliosis in Kids and Adults

by Hamsa Content Team |June 17, 2020 |1 Comments | Spine

Scoliosis is a bone deforming condition that affects the spine, giving the back a sharp curvature. Found mostly among the kids around

How to Communicate With an Individual With Aphasia?

by Hamsa Content Team |June 14, 2020 |0 Comments | Brain Injury, Speech Therapy

Individuals who survive a stroke may have residual problems in speech, language and communication. This is due to the damage caused in the

How to Improve Your Well-Being If You Have Reduced Mobility?

by Hamsa Content Team |June 11, 2020 |0 Comments | Medical Rehabilitaion

For people who have crossed the age of 50, the virtues of aerobic exercise and running are legion. But these forms of exercise are great…

Chronic Pain and Immune System: The Connection

by Hamsa Content Team |June 9, 2020 |19 Comments | Pain Management

With the novel coronavirus caused by COVID-19 pandemic surfacing in the past few months, a lot of patients at our pain management…

HAMSA Rehab – 1st Anniversary

by Hamsa Content Team |June 7, 2020 |0 Comments | Events

A journey of recovery, rehabilitation and pride! HAMSA Rehab reminiscents the one

Webinar on Oxygen Therapy

by Hamsa Content Team |May 25, 2020 |0 Comments | Events

Watch the webinar on “Oxygen Therapy” by Mr. David. The webinar covers various topics on Oxygen Therapy and its principles.

Acute Management of Stroke

by Hamsa Content Team |May 15, 2020 |0 Comments | Events

Watch webinar session on the topic, “Acute Management of Stroke”…,

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